Choosing Business Name? Check if it is already registered!

Thought of a really good name for your new business, or as a brand for a new product or service?

Your first step:check that the name isn’t already being used by another business.If it is, avoid risking a costly row and a trade mark infringement or a ‘passing off’ action in the courts.

You may also get into trouble even if your name is merely similar to a name already being used.Below are some links where you can carry out FREE  initial checks to see if the name or similar name you like is already registered at any of the below registries.

Companies House name check

The WebCHeck service offers a searchable Company Names and Address Index free of charge which enables you to search for information on more than 2 million companies.

If you found any name similar to your one, you can click on the company number to see basic details like if it is still trading or dissolved.when it was registered, its official address, whether it’s trading and when it last filed accounts or an annual return.

UK trade mark name check

Check if your name has already been registered as an identical UK trade mark in relation to the sort of goods or services you sell. Any similar marks including phonetically similar that are registered may also cause problems and ideally you also need to make sure no such similar marks are registered.

Detailed checking for similar marks is a highly skilled task you may need professional help.EU trade mark name check

As above same as UK however it also extend the search to EU based register to see if the name is registered as an identical Community Trade mark (which means it is enforceable through the EU) in relation to the sort of goods or services you sell.

Domain Names check

Write your name in the box to see if your name is registered under either .com or domain.


If you have  found nothing  after these basic searcher you may be OK to go ahead with it and may start registering your name. However do not forget if the business you are starting is going to grow really quickly you need to do more due diligence before you go ahead. But if there is an obvious problem with another similar business, these checks may reveal it quickly and you can rectify it accordingly. You also can do search on Google, Yahoo and Bing to see if similar name company exist.


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