21 January 2021


Click on the type of the Tax you want to pay from the list below.

Please check the instructions sent to you.

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Pay Employer’s PAYE
  3. Pay your VAT bill:
  4. Corporation Tax: Payment reference Number: https://www.gov.uk/pay-corporation-tax
  5. Penalty: Penalty Reference number: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pay-taxes-penalties-and-enquiry-settlements

How much time to allow for payments to be received by HMRC?

Payment methodTime allowance
Direct Debit5 working days
Online or telephone banking (Faster Payments)Same or next day
Bacs3 working days
CHAPSSame or next day
Online with a debit or credit cardSame or next day
At your bank or building societySame or next day
By cheque in the post3 working days

Make sure you pay HMRC by the deadline for your payments or you may have to pay a penalty.

The time you need to allow for your payment to reach HMRC depends on how you pay.

Pay the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (notice 5) as known as [Sugar Tax]

You must submit your return and pay any levy due within 30 days of the end of each reporting period.

You’ll find out how much you have to pay when you submit your return.

Pay the levy [Sugar Tax]

Under regulations 20(3) and 22 of the Soft Drinks Industry Levy Regulations 2018, this section has force of law.

You can pay by Direct Debit, online or telephone banking or by card.

Pay the Levy: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/pay-the-soft-drinks-industry-levy-notice-5

If you cannot pay your Self Assessment tax bill

source: https://www.gov.uk/difficulties-paying-hmrc

You can set up a payment plan online to spread the cost of your latest Self Assessment bill if:

  • you owe £30,000 or less
  • you do not have any other payment plans or debts with HMRC
  • your tax returns are up to date
  • it’s less than 60 days after the payment deadline

You do not need to contact HMRC if you set up a payment plan.

Call the Self Assessment helpline if you’re not eligible for a payment plan or cannot use the online service.

Self Assessment Payment Helpline
Telephone: 0300 200 3822
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (closed on bank holidays)

If you cannot pay other taxes like VAT and so on

You might be able to set up a Time to Pay Arrangement with HMRC if you’re unable to pay any other taxes in full. This lets you spread the cost of your tax bill by paying what you owe in instalments.

How you do this depends on whether you’ve received a payment demand.

If you’ve received a payment demand, like a tax bill or a letter threatening you with legal action, call the HMRC office that sent you the letter.

If you’ve not received a bill or letter, call the Payment Support Service (PSS).

Payment Support Service
Telephone: 0300 200 3835
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (closed on bank holidays)

If you need any help please do contact us and here at KiQi Chartered Certified Accountants we will make sure what you owe and help you wil setting up a payment plan if you are having difficulties to paying your taxes on time.